How to Customize the Ribbon section in Hestia?

📝 Note: This section is available only after you install and activate the Orbit Fox plugin.

A ribbon section is useful on a website because it serves as a prominent and eye-catching element, drawing attention to important announcements, limited-time offers, or special promotions. It effectively communicates crucial information or calls to action, ensuring visitors don't miss out on key messages, events, or opportunities.

The available customizations are:

  • Disable section - option to disable the section. 
  • Background image - add a catchy background image for the Ribbon Section.
  • Text - insert the content of the Ribbon Section. It allows for HTML text, which means that you can even insert a new button.
  • Button Text - insert a suitable button label for the Ribbon Section.
  • Link - redirect the visitors to a new page using a button link for the Ribbon Section.

Ribbon section with one button

Ribbon section with two buttons

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