How to display thumbnail image from the feeds

If you want to display thumbnail items for the feeds with the thumbnails, here's what you can do:

1. Go to feedzy shortcode options.

2. Go to Item Image Options.

3. In option: "Should we display the first image of the content if it is available?", Select your choice.


Auto: If the image is available, display them. If not, default thumbnail will be displayed.

Yes: The first image from the post will be displayed, if available. If the image is not available, It won't display in the feed item.

No: No thumbnail will be displayed in the feed item (even if the image is available or not).

Alternatively, you can edit the 'thumb' parameter in the shortcode like:

[feedzy-rss feeds="" meta="yes" summary="yes" thumb="auto"]

or thumb="yes" or thumb="no"

*NOTE: The thumbnail image will ONLY be displayed in the feed item if and only if the image is available with the feed itself. It will show nothing, or the set default image if image is not available in the feeds.

Example of feed with images:

Example of feed without images:

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