How to find Feed URL for Feedzy RSS Feeds

What is a feed URL?

Feedzy RSS Feeds plugin asks for "Feed URL". Now, this "Feed URL" provides any other website's data such as posts, categories, etc... which you can use or display on your website.

To display posts from any other website, you do not need to visit and check posts manually. Feedzy RSS Feeds uses the same information provided by a website's feed URL.

How to find the feed URL?

A) WordPress Websites:

If your permalink in WordPress settings is set to Postname or any other custom structure, one of the following URLs should work:
If the permalink is set to default, one of the following URLs will be feed URL of the website:

How to find category wise feed URL in WordPress?

You can find category wise feed URL with one of the following URLs:

More information on all the possible feed URLs is provided here -

B) Non-WordPress Websites:

Using one of the following methods you can find feed URL of a website which is not a WordPress based website.

1. Find RSS Icon:

Visit the website. Try to locate the small icon of RSS like below on the website. Usually, this is listed with the social media icons in header or footer or sidebar. Click on it. The link will be the feed URL of that website.

2. View page source:

Right click on the website you are visiting and select view page source. In the source code, try to find a code similar to this:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="ThemeIsle Blog &raquo; Feed" href="" />

If you press CTRL + F and type this "application/rss+xml" you will most likely find the above line of code. In this code what href contains in inverted commas ( i.e. " " ) is the feed URL. In above code, is the feed URL.

Lastly, you might like to read "7 ways to use RSS feeds in WordPress".

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