How to find an RSS Feed URL to use with Feedzy RSS Feeds

πŸ”— What is an RSS feed URL?

An RSS Feed is actually a .xml file that contains all the valuable information about the content of a website. This information can then be used to extract the information that you need into another website using a feed reader.

If you want to  import items ( posts, podcasts, categories ) from a website to your own, then Feedzy and any other feed reader, will require that you provide the target website Feed URL so it can extract the information from that website, parse it, and then import / display it on your own website.

πŸ” How to find the RSS feed URL?

There are multiple types of websites on the internet, however, we are going to split them into 2 categories: WordPress Websites and Non-WordPress Websites.

A) How to find the RSS Feed URL of a WordPress Website:

If the permalink in WordPress settings is set to Post name or any other custom structure, one of the following URLs should work:


Let's say I found a website that contains posts that interest me, and I would like to import / display them on my website. To do that, I would need to obtain its RSS Feed URL, thus I'm going to write the name of the website in my browser followed by one of the above commands and hit enter. 

Here is a screencast showing what the result would look like.

If the permalink is set to default, one of the following URLs will be the feed URL of the website:

How to find the RSS Feed of a WordPress site that respects a certain category?

You can find category wise feed URLs with one of the following URLs:

πŸ“ Note: For more information on all the possible feed URLs please check this link. 

B) How to find the RSS Feed URL for Non-WordPress Websites:

Using one of the following methods you can find the RSS feed URL of a website that is not a WordPress-based website:

1. Find the RSS Icon:

Visit the website. Try to locate the small icon of RSS like below on the website. Usually, this is listed with the social media icons in the header or footer, or sidebar. 

Click on it. The link will be the feed URL of that website.

2. View page source:

Right-click on the website you are visiting and select view page source. In the source code, try to find a code similar to this:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="ThemeIsle Blog &raquo; Feed" href="" />

If you press CTRL + F and type this "application/rss+xml" you will most likely find the above line of code. 

In this code what href contains in inverted commas ( i.e. " " ) is the feed URL. In the above code, this is the feed URL.

πŸ“ Note: Lastly, you might like to read " 7 ways to use RSS feeds in WordPress".

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