How to use Feedzy with a shortcode

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  1. Using Feedzy with a shortcode - how it looks like
  2. Examples
  3. The complete list of the available parameters
  4. An alternative way to generate a shortcode

Feedzy can be used with a shortcode. The advantage of this approach is that it can be used with any WordPress theme or page builder. We recommend to add it in a shortcode block/widget if the theme/page builder you are using has such an option.

How it looks like

The section layout looks is the same as in these examples.


Basic shortcode

[feedzy-rss feeds=""]

No other parameters specified beside the source

Basic shortcode

Example 2

[feedzy-rss feeds="" max="2" feed_title="yes" meta="author"]

Additional parameters:

  • the number of feeds, maximum 2
  • display the feed title
  • display just the author in the metadata

Example 2

Example 3

[feedzy-rss feeds="" max="6" feed_title="yes" meta="author, date" columns="3" template="style2"]

Additional parameters:

  • the number of feeds, maximum 6
  • display the feed title
  • display the author & date
  • display the feeds in a 3 columns layout
  • use the third template

Example 3

Example 4

Showing the source of each feed item (in this case is CodeinWP), when using multiple feeds.

[feedzy-rss feeds="," max="30" multiple_meta="yes"]

The complete list of the available parameters

Feed Source

Number of items to display
max any number between 1 and 30
Should we display the RSS title?
feed_title yes | no
For how long we will cache the feed results
refresh 1_hours | 3_hours | 12_hours | 1_days | 3_days | 15_days
Sorting order
sort default
date_desc (Date Descending)
date_asc (Date Ascending)
title_desc (Title Descending)
title_asc (Title Ascending)
Display source of feed ( when using multiple feeds )
multiple_meta yes | no
Message to show when feed is empty
error_empty e.g. THE FEED IS EMPTY!

Item Options

Links may be opened in the same window or a new tab
target auto
Make this link a "nofollow" link?
follow yes | no
Trim the title of the item after X characters. A value of 0 will remove the title
title e.g. 150
Should we display additional meta fields out of author, date and time? (comma-separated list). View documentation here.
meta e.g. author , date , time , tz=local, no
Should we display a description (abstract) of the retrieved item?
summary yes | no
Crop description (summary) of the element after X characters.
summarylength 160
Only display item if title contains specific keyword(s) (comma-separated list/case sensitive)
keywords_title e.g. news, sports etc.
Exclude items if title contains specific keyword(s) (comma-separated list/case sensitive)
keywords_ban e.g. politics, gossip etc.

Item Image Options

Should we display the first image of the content if it is available?
thumb yes | no | auto
Default thumbnail URL if no image is found
default e.g.
Thumbnails dimension. Do not include "px". Eg: 150
size e.g. 150
How should we treat HTTP images?
http force ( Force HTTPS -- please verify that the image exist on HTTPS)
default ( ignore and show the default image instead )

Other options

Lazy load feed items?
lazy yes | no
Should we display the price from the feed if it is available?
price yes | no
Referral URL parameters as per this document here
referral_url promo_code=feedzy_is_awesome
How many columns we should use to display the feed items
columns e.g. 1
Provide mapping for custom feed elements as per this document here. This will only work for single feeds, not comma-separated feeds.
mapping See the document above
Template to use when displaying the feed.

template default | style1 | style2 

An alternative way to generate the shortcode

  1. Install the Classic Editor plugin
  2. Create a new post
  3. Click on the Feedzy icon

  4. Set the desired parameters and click insert shortcode

  5. That's it

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