How to add referral parameters in Feedzy

Using the field below, you can add referral parameters to the item URL in multiple ways:

Add parameters to the end of the URL

For example, let's say your parameter is called  promo_code and the value you want to send is feedzy_is_awesome (isn't it now, really!) and you want to add this to the end of each item in the feed. To do this, you can add it as below:

Voila! Every URL will have this added at the end. Be careful not to provide the ? before the parameter name.

Provide the URL as the parameter

A lot of sites need the URL as a parameter in the request. So, let's say your affiliate URL is where you need to provide the URL of the item as a value to urllink. That's easy to do as well by providing the value as below:

The plugin will look at this and replace the placeholder #url# with the value of the URL of the link. Simple, isn't it?

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