How to display Amazon Products using Feedzy?

📝 Note: This feature is part of the premium version of Feedzy RSS Feeds, which you can get from here.

To display Amazon Products as feed, just follow the steps below:


Navigate to Feedzy > Settings.


Go to the Amazon Product Advertising tab and configure the credentials.

📝 Note: Make sure that the API Status is valid and Save the Settings.


Now go to the  import wizard and insert an Amazon URL or ASIN number as source.

📝 Note: You can use ASIN numbers to display products, even multiple products using a pipe:|B09RD2JX4P.


Configure the other settings to offer more  product details, such as content ( #item_content),  title (#item_title), and taxonomy. description, or even a featured image.

💡 Result 

Depending on what type of post you have selected inside the import wizard, the products can be displayed as posts or as products on your website:

Amazon Products as PostsAmazon Products as Posts
Amazon Products as ProductsAmazon Products as Products

🔗 Advanced Services

This feature can be used in combination with the other services offered by Feedzy to create the desired design, such as:

  • paraphrasing service - check this doc for further details about using it.

  • translating service - check this doc for further details about using it.

  • Spintax support - check this doc for further details about using it.

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