Feedzy Troubleshooting Guide

This guide covers the basic checks that we perform when the Feedzy plugin doesn't work as expected.

In case you want more information about the Feedzy RSS Feeds plugin, please refer to the main documentation.

General requirements

  1. The feed has to be in an XML format, like this one
  2. The feed has to be valid on this website
  3. Feedzy uses the Simple Pie library. The feed(s) you want to use can be checked on this website. If no content is rendered there, Feedzy is not able to render any content from that feed.

Displaying feeds

First, please make sure that the general requirements are met.

  • In case images are not displayed, you can check if the feed provides them, by searching for: image, PNG, JPG, GIF and other popular image extensions.
  • If you are using an editor like Gutenberg or Elementor, and some of the parameters you configured doesn't work as expected, we recommend trying the shortcode approach. Try to use the same options configured in the editor, in a shortcode. How to use Feedzy with a shortcode

Importing feeds

  • First please make sure that the general requirements are met.
  • Make sure that cron enabled on your website
    1. Install & activate WP-Cron Status Checker plugin
    2. Check the plugin widget in the Dashboard
    3. If cron is disabled on your site, we recommend contacting your hosting provider

Nothing was imported

Make sure that you have completed the import wizard, especially the third step. We recommend completing all the fields before saving the import and click run now.

Images weren't imported

The images might not be available in the feed. You can search for popular image extensions. Also, make sure to set the proper magic tags for them.

Full post content wasn't imported

This feature is available only in the Developer and Agency subscriptions. The magic tag for importing the full post content is [#item_full_content].

After X hours, no more content was imported

The feeds are automatically checked by the plugin every 60 minutes. New content might not be available so soon; therefore, we recommend waiting between 12 and 24 hours to see if new posts are imported, as the plugin checks them for duplicates and pulls only unique posts.

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