How to add canonical tags for imported posts

NOTE: This is a Premium Feature. If you purchased Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium then you need to have both Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite & Pro activated to take advantage of the plugin's pro features.

You can add canonical URLs to the feeds imported as posts from RSS feeds (know more about it here).

A canonical tag is an HTML element that helps webmasters prevent content to be duplicated by specifying the canonical (preferred) version of a web page. Duplicate content is a big no-no to search engines. Having pages of identical or very similar content on your website is seen as a negative, and may be used by Google to devalue your website when determining rankings. By properly employing canonical tags to pages on your site, you can avoid this pitfall and take full advantage of both a robust site and streamlined Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.

To know more about Canonical Tags, visit:

How to add Canonical tags to Posts imported from feeds:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Feedzy RSS > Settings.
  2. Click on Miscellaneous tab.

  3. Check the Add canonical URL to imported posts from RSS feeds option.

  4. Click on Save button.
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