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  1. About Feedzy
  2. How to install Feedzy
  3. Using Feedzy - examples
    1. Integration with Gutenberg
    2. Integration with Elementor
    3. The shortcode approach
    4. Feedzy in a widget
    5. Feed to post
  4. Advanced features
  5. Troubleshooting

About Feedzy

Feedzy is an RSS aggregator that helps you to curate content, autoblog, display and import RSS feeds within a few minutes. 

The basic functionality of the plugin is to display information from a site to another one. The key point in this process is called the feed. The feed is represented by a URL on the source website, where information is available/exposed. The information available in the feed can be customized by the source website owner, so not everything you see on the site is also available in the feed.

This feed (URL) has to be set in Feedzy, so the plugin can render the available information on the destination site. Feedzy can't produce content, so it's just displaying/importing the information available in the feed.

Now that you know more on how the plugin works, you might need help with finding feeds. The following article might be useful: How to find Feed URL for Feedzy.


How to install Feedzy

Free version: Download -> Install

Pro version: Get a subscription -> Download -> Install -> Activate the license key

In order to have Feedzy Pro working properly, please make sure that both versions of the plugin are installed and activated at the same time.


Using Feedzy

There are two main scenarios of using this plugin. One is to display the information available in the feed, the other one is to import the feeds as posts on your website. 

This section covers displaying the feeds. For the import functionality, please check the following guide: How to use Feed to Post feature in Feedzy

How it looks like

Feeds without images

Feeds with images

Feedzy Pro - Template 1

Feedzy Pro - Template 2

Feedzy Pro - Template 3

Display information from the feed - 4 methods

There are 4 methods as it depends on the page editor you use. The shortcode and widget methods are independent of the editor.

All methods presented below have exactly the same options available. The only difference is the editor.


Integration with Gutenberg

When using Gutenberg editor for editing the post/page, just search for the Feedzy block, add the desired feed(s) and set the available parameters in the right sidebar.

Feedzy Gutenberg block

Feedzy Gutenberg options


Integration with Elementor

When using Elementor plugin for editing the post/page, you can find the Feedzy widget in the left panel where all the elements are. Drag and drop the widget in the desired area of the page. Then add the desired feed(s) and set the available parameters in the left panel.

Feedzy Elementor widget

Feedzy Elementor widget options


Using a shortcode

Shortcodes are very easy to use, as they can be added almost anywhere. It can be either in the content of a post/page or in a dedicated section provided by the theme you are using. This approach should work with any WordPress theme and page builder plugin.

The basic shortcode is [feedzy-rss feeds="source_URL"]. For the complete list of the available parameters, please check the following guide: How to use Feedzy with a shortcode.


Using a widget

A widget can be added in Dashboard->Appearance->Widgets. Search for Feedzy RSS Feeds widget and add it to the desired area. The available areas depend on the theme you are using.

Feedzy RSS Feeds widget

How it looks like


Advanced features

Feedzy can be used with WordAi and SpinnerChief services to rephrase the feed's content while importing it. This feature must be used with feed to post feature.

This feature is available only in the Agency plan. You need to have a valid subscription for those services. The Agency plan provides just compatibility with them.

Please check this guide on how to use Feedzy with them.



In case something doesn't work as expected, there are a few things that can be checked before contacting us.

More information available in the Feedzy Troubleshooting guide.

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