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Orfeo is a child theme of our most loved Hestia theme. Orfeo gives Hestia a new look and feel. As Orfeo inherits all the features of Hestia,  Hestia guide here explains all the options of the theme.

This guide gives you basic details of the installation of Orfeo Pro and very first steps. 

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How to Install Orfeo theme?

Installing Orfeo Pro is a bit different. It requires installment of two themes. Following is step by step process for installing Orfeo:

Installing Orfeo Lite is very simple and just like any other  WordPress theme

Orfeo Pro:

  1. Download Hestia Pro from Purchase History.
  2. Download Orfeo Pro from here.
  3. Navigate to your WordPress admin > Appearance > Themes to open themes page. Click "Add New" button. Now, click on "Upload theme" button and browse Hestia Pro theme file.  

    Do not click on "Activate" link there.

    Activate Hestia

  4. Navigate to WordPress admin > Appearance > Themes again and upload Orfeo Pro theme now.
  5. Click on "Activate" link.

  6. That's it! You have successfully installed the theme.

How to make Homepage look like Demo?

To have Homepage like the demo , Go to WP-admin > Appearance > Customize.

Click on "Homepage Settings" and see the options are configured like the below image. If not, make them like that. Do not forget to click on "Publish button" in either case.

Essential Plugins

Orfeo comes with the compatibility of some plugins which enable/extend some important features/sections in the theme. Features such as Share Buttons & Icons, custom menu-icons, Contact Form, etc... are enabled through these plugins.

  1. Go to Appearance > About Orfeo > Recommended Actions Tab.
  2. You would see something like this: 

    Essential Plugins Orfeo

  3. Click "Install and Activate" buttons one by one for both ThemeIsle CompanionPirate Fo rms plugins.

These plugins can also be installed from Plugins section just like other WordPress plugins.

Homepage & Appearance Customization

Orfeo theme inherits all the options from parent theme Hestia.Apart from design, all the options work as same as Hestia in Orfeo.  Hence, to understand Orfeo you can refer the whole Hestia theme guide.

How to build a shop with Orfeo?

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully and it's fully compatible with Hestia. Shop page below is dependent on WooCommerce plugin. 

Let's see how the shop looks in Orfeo from Shop page demoDownload and More details on WooCommerce.

Orfeo Lite Vs. Orfeo Pro

Orfeo Pro inherits all the features of Hestia Pro. So basically you will be upgrading to Hestia Pro.

Why to upgrade to Hestia Pro?

It is worth noting a few things about our PRO accounts:

  • Upgrading Hestia is very smooth. Just upload and activate Hestia Pro and you will automatically get access to the extra features, the website won't break nor you need to re-configure it.
  • The current price for upgrading is $89 and you get access to our membership which includes one year of shared hosting, 30+ themes for use on 2 website domains and 3 premium plugins
  • We know that you might have only just 1 site, but we can assure you the deal is worth even for that. You get the peace of mind that if a new version of WordPress is released or something has broken, we have your back. The support time for pro customers  are  as low as 4h on average.
  • You can easily cancel the yearly subscription immediately after purchase if is not something you wanna have. If you stop paying after 1 year, you won't be able to receive support & updates but the theme will continue to work. You paid for the theme so it's yours :)

Read More OR Upgrade to Hestia PRO

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