FAQ - Feed to Post in Feedzy

This article contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Feed to Post feature in Feedzy:

Can all posts from an import job be assigned to the same category?

When configuring the plugin, any posts imported through an import job will be assigned to existing categories or tags. This assignment occurs in bulk, meaning all posts from a particular source will be associated with the same category or categories, or tag or tags. This process is not dynamic, so each post will not have a different category.

Can the feed post link to the original site post?

Yes, Feedzy offers the possibility to link the imported post to the original one on the source website where it was imported. 

📝 Note: Learn how to do this from this doc.

Can we append content to a description or title in the feed?

Yes, appending static text in the title and content fields of the post is possible during the import. Alternatively, for adding different text from a post to another one in the title and content fields, those can be manually edited after being imported, like blog posts.

📝 Note: Here is an example of appending spintax content to the post title or post content.

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