How to use the Spintax service in Feedzy

πŸ“ Note: The Spintax service is available in any premium plan of Feedzy, which you can get from here.

🧰 Using the feature

The Spintax service is very useful for blogs, as it is easily configurable and a time saver. It helps you create original content by providing a set of suitable options, and then the spintax support will pick one of them so that when the users see an article, they can see different outcomes with the same idea. In Feedzy, using a spintax requires manual configuration. You must create such a phrase with options and add it to the Post Title field or Content.

Follow these steps to acquire such a dynamic website:

Create a spintax structure. If you need any help, here is a spintax generator.
In the import wizard, open the Map Content tab.
Paste the spintax structure in the desired fields, Post Title or Content.
Save the import, run it, then check what the posts look like.


  • Post Title using the spintax service

Post Title Spintax Input

Post Title Spintax Output

  • Content using the spintax service

Content Spintax Input

Content Spintax Output

πŸŽ₯ Video - How to Use Feedzy Services?

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