Breadcrumbs in Neve


By default, Neve supports breadcrumbs on the Shop/Archive (WooCommerce) and Single Product pages.

But Neve also supports the most popular plugins used for breadcrumbs: Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, Breadcrumb NavXT, and SEOPress

All you need to do it install & activate one of these plugins and activate their breadcrumbs functionality. After that, Neve will display the breadcrumbs.

Neve Pro

The Pro version offers more control for placing the breadcrumbs. When in the free version, you have no control over where the breadcrumbs appear, in Neve Pro, you have the Breadcrumbs components for the header builder, that can be placed anywhere in the header area.

Read more about Neve Pro's Header Booster module.

Hide breadcrumbs

If you want to hide the breadcrumbs on a specific page, you can easily use the  neve_show_breadcrumbs filter. 

Below is an example of hiding breadcrumbs on the Sample Page page.

The code should be added at the end of the functions.php file within your child theme. For more information about child themes, check this guide. 

function hide_breadcrumbs_on_certain_page( $input ) {
   if( is_page('sample-page') ) {
      return false;   
   return $input;
add_filter( 'neve_show_breadcrumbs', 'hide_breadcrumbs_on_certain_page', 10, 1 );

Position the breadcrumbs in the page content

If you want the breadcrumbs to show up in a different area of the page, you can always use shortcodes for that. Most of the breadcrumb plugins offer this functionality. For example, Yoast has the shortcode:


Replace the WooCommerce breadcrumbs

In case you are using a dedicated SEO plugin that also has the breadcrumbs functionality, you can display the plugin breadcrumbs on the WooCommerce pages by downloading the zip file on the following page and installing it as a plugin.

This integration works with Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, and SEOPress

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