How to change section anchor in Parallax One

It's really easy to change the section anchor in Parallax One just like it is all other themes:

Okay, so I'll give you an example of how we could change the ID of Team Section. First you need to create a child theme.

In case you don't have a sections folder created in your child theme, you can create it and copy the section you want to change the anchor from your parent theme sections into the child theme sections folder.

After that, in /sections/parallax_one_our_team_section.php file, change `id="team"` to `id="people"` and that's all. Now the anchor for the Team Section will be People instead of Team. You can do this for any section by copying them into the child theme and then changing the anchor. 

Many users have already done this customization and you can have a look at  this showcase gallery of beautiful websites created with Parallax One.