What is the Difference Between Zelle Lite and Zelle Pro?

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Haven't decided between Zelle Lite and its premium version? We made a quick video with the extra features that make your website awesome.

Here is a comparison table between their features:

Zelle Lite Zelle Pro
Unlimited color options
You can change the colors of each section. You have unlimited options.
- Yes
Video Background
Zelle PRO offers the option to have a video background in the frontpage header area. You can use any video from your Media Library.
- Yes
Transform your homepage with a beautiful slider with up to three slides.
- Yes
Number of Frontpage sections
PRO version comes with extra sections like Slider, Packages, Portfolio, Subscribe, Google maps and Shortcodes Section.
9 14
Portfolio section
Showcase your best projects in the portfolio section.
- Yes
Add pricing tables for your products.
- Yes
Subscribe section
Use newsletter forms to attract clients.
- Yes
Google map section
Embed your current location to your website with Google maps.
- Yes
Section Reorder
You will get the ability to reorganize your Frontpage Sections more easily and quickly.
- Yes
Extra Options to enrich your website
Customize those small things that make a difference. Each section has extra color options.
Basic Enhanced
Show/Hide Featured Images
Choose to display or not the featured images in pages and posts.
- Yes
Extra Social Icons
Nicely integrate with Zelle design. Add any of your online profiles in the footer area.
- Yes
Google Analytics Integrated
Track your visitors and grow your website with the easy integrated Google Analytics code section. Just copy-paste.
- Yes
Remove Footer Copyright & Credits
Easily add a copyright message in the footer area. Rearrange the whole layout of the footer area: you can add a menu alongside the copyright message.
- Yes
E-commerce Ready
The theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. You can set up your online store in a matter of minutes.
Basic Enhanced
Detailed Documentation and Support
You will find a cool selection of easy to follow tutorials, including video.
- Yes
Fast & Friendly Support
On average, a PRO user gets a reply in 5 hours or less.
- Yes

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Is also worth noting a few things : 

  • You can easily cancel the yearly subscription immediately after purchase it. If you stop paying after 1 year you won't have support and updates, the theme will continue to work, you paid for the theme and is yours :)
  • Upgrading to Zelle PRO is very smooth, just upload & activate the PRO version and you will automatically get access to the extra features, the website won't break nor you need to re-configure it
  • The current price for upgrading is $89 and you get access to all our products (30+ themes and 10+ plugins). We know that you might have only just 1 site, but we can assure you the deal is worth even for that, you get the peace of mind that if a new version of WordPress is released or something broke, we have your back, support time currently for paid users is in average 5 hours.

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