What is the Difference Between ShopIsle and ShopIsle Pro?

Are you wondering why you should purchase the PRO version of ShopIsle? Watch this quick video with the extra features that make your store awesome.

Is also worth noting few things : 

  • You can easily cancel the yearly subscription immediately after purchase it. If you stop paying after 1 year you won't have support and updates, the theme will continue to work, you paid for the theme and is yours :)
  • Upgrading ShopIsle is very smooth, just upload & activate ShopIsle Pro and you will automatically get access to the extra features, the website won't break nor you need to re-configure it

Upgrade to ShopIsle PRO Today

ShopIsle ShopIsle PRO
E-commerce Ready
The easiest way to set up your online store with WooCommerce plugin.
Basic Enhanced
Number of Frontpage sections
PRO version comes with Services section, Ribbon section, Categories section, Shortcodes section, and Map section.
5 10
Add new sections
You can create a section by adding shortcodes from any plugins.
- Yes
Map section
Embed your location to your website.
- Yes
Services Section
You can add as many services as you want. For each service, you can add an icon, a title, a subtitle and its link.
- Yes
Ribbon Section
Use a smart call-to-action to engage with your visitors.
- Yes
Categories section
Showcase a specific category of products on the front page.
- Yes
Drag and Drop Section Reorder
Arrange the sections by your priorities.
- Yes
Extra Options to enrich your website
Customize those small things that make a difference. Each section has extra color options.
Basic Enhanced
Enhanced Cart
The menu mini-cart helps the customers get a fast overview of the products added in the cart.
- Yes
Quick View functionality
Allow visitors to easily mange their cart in a popup without changing the page, helping with your user experience and conversions.
- Yes
Extended color options
PRO version comes with three new color schemes, specially designed to match the design of the theme.
- Yes
Translation ready
ShopIsle Pro is fully compatible with WPML and Polylang. It can easily be used for multilingual sites.
- Yes
Detailed Documentation and Support
You will find a cool selection of easy to follow tutorials, including video.
- Yes
Fast & Friendly Support
On average, a PRO user gets a reply in 5 hours or less.
- Yes

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