How to update Zerif Lite from

Since now, you'll no longer find Zerif Lite on, so if you initially downloaded and installed it from there, we recommend you to upgrade to the latest version from our website It's the only way we can keep you updated with the latest features and bug fixings. Click here to see the theme demo.

Create a backup

Before doing the upgrade, we also recommend you to backup your site just in case. Install Duplicator plugin in order to create the backup. Normally, you shouldn't lose anything during the update, but it's better to take all the safe precautions. You can find more details about how to create a backup using Duplicator here: in First Step.

Install our plugin named Zerif Lite Transition 

Please download the plugin by  clicking here and then install it. If you need more details on how to install a plugin, we have a tutorial here:

!important! Your theme should be active in order to see the update. After activating Zerif Lite Transition plugin, the update will appear automatically. Just click on Update button and you'll have the latest version of Zerif Lite theme live right away.

Even if you're using a child theme of Zerif and not the original theme, you should still install this plugin so you can update the parent theme. After using Zerif Lite Transition plugin for the update, you can remove the plugin because, from now on, your updates will appear automatically in your WordPress dashboard.