Add a custom shortcode section to LawyeriaX

LawyeriaX makes it very easy to add a section between any of the sections on the front page. First start by creating a child theme for lawyeriaX by following this guide:  How to create a child theme

In your parent theme copy the front-page.php file and paste it inside your child theme so your child theme folder structure should look like this: 

Open up the front-page.php file and decide between which section of the homepage you'd like to add your shortcode section.

The following snippet adds a pirateforms contact form using:  Pirate Forms

echo '<div class="container"><div class="col-sm-10 col-sm-offset-1">';
echo do_shortcode('[pirate_forms]');
echo '</div></div>';

This will center the section, to learn more about bootstrap grid sizes please have a look at this document:  Bootstrap grid documentation

You could make the form wider by increasing the grid size to the max (12):

echo '<div class="container"><div class="col-sm-12">';
echo do_shortcode('[pirate_forms]');
echo '</div></div>';

If you want an even wider width section you could change the code to this:

echo '<div class="col-sm-12" style="padding: 0 !important;">';
echo do_shortcode('[pirate_forms]');
echo '</div>';

If you need any assistance please contact us here: