How to Increase Logo Size In Rokophoto

If you plan on doing a lot of changes on the theme then we encourage you to create a child theme and add the following snippet to your style.css:  How to create a child theme

If you just need this little change then you could use our CSS plugin:  CSS Plugin, add the following snippets to the "Global" section according to what you are trying to achieve.

To increase the height use this snippet (adjust as needed):

.navbar-brand {
    height: 100px;

This snippet below will increase the logo size (adjust as needed):

.navbar-brand > img{
max-height: 80px;

The snippet below increases the logo size when scrolling, in Rokophoto the logo shrinks after scrolling, the below snippet changes the shrink size.

.navbar-default.navbar-shrink .navbar-brand img{
min-height: 125px;
min-width: 125px;

Save and publish your changes and you're done!