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The theme you are looking for is not scheduled to receive new features going forward.

We recommend checking our latest theme, Neve.

Find out how to customize the theme in a few steps


Installing your IsleMag theme is just like any other theme. We have a small video of less than a minute here - which will help you install the theme. 

Homepage as Demo

  • Static Front Page – Set the theme's front page displays option to "A static page" to enable the theme to look like the demo.

You could view this article to get the theme to look similar to the demo: Click here

Site Identity

  • Site Identity – Use this section to edit your site title and description, decide if to display them as well as add an optional favicon to your website. 
  • Use a different custom template as frontpage? – This option allows users to use the default page template for the homepage. If this option is not selected, if a static page is selected as homepage, the homepage will have the custom frontpage template available in the theme.


  • Header top bar – Use this section to add social media or other network icons such as TripAdvisor and Skype.
  • Header content – Use this section to disable the sticky menu and optionally add a logo to the top of your website.
  • Header slider – This option lets you add a post slider to the header, you could select the category and number of posts to show.

Front Page Sections

  • Front page supports 5 sections. You can use each section to select the number of posts you want to display in that section, as well as the title for it. If that section isn't needed, there is the option to disable it.


  • Colors Use the various options in this section to change colors for different parts of the website.

Single Post Settings

  • Single post settings This option lets you hide various metadata from the website such as author's description, related posts and post thumbnail.


  • Footer – From this section, you could add a footer logo, have it link to a particular page or website, as well as custom footer HTML code.

  • Footer – You could also add social icons to the footer along with a title for the socials area and select the icons you want to display. The new repeater, lets you select from at least 2 icons for each social icon.

Background Image

  • Background Image – Use this option to add an optional background image to the website.


  • Menus – The theme supports 3 menu areas. Each could have their own set of pages and links.


  • Widgets – Islemag comes with 5 main widget areas.

Video Tutorial For IsleMag Theme

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