How to Summarize Content using ChatGPT in Feed to Post?

📝 Note: The Summarize with ChatGPT feature is part of the Feed To Post import method in Feedzy RSS Feeds, starting with the Developer plan.


  • OpenAI API key - go on the OpenAI API keys and create a new API key. Check this dedicated doc about generating an API key. Please note that you need a PRO OpenAI license key in order to use this feature.

Once you have your API key, navigate to Feedzy > Settings > OpenAI and paste the key into the corresponding field.

For the model field, you can consult the list of available models here. Make sure you validate the connection and then save the settings.

🧰 Using the feature

In the Import wizard, open the Map Content tab.
In the  Content field click on the ➕ sign and select one of the action-supporting tags from the list.
In the Actions modal, click on Add new.
From the dropdown, select the Summarize with ChatGPT action.
Click on Save Actions.

🗂 Use Cases

  • quick understanding of the main topic

Summarized Content

📌 Action-Supporting Tags

  • [#item_content]
  • [#item_full_content]
  • [#item_description]
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