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Building an online shop is easy for everyone with Neve's accessibility through its mobile-first approach, compatibility with AMP, and popularity among page-builders. If you want to create an impressive e-shop, this article will help you find the customizations that Neve offers in the free version.

To find the shop customizations, navigate to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce.

🏷 Store Notice

Use the Enable Store Notice toggle to display or hide a notification in your store, informing your customers about any upcoming events or significant updates.

🗂 Product Catalog

  • Shop page display - select what you want to display on the shop page (products, categories, or both).
  • Category display - select what you want to display on the category page (products/subcategories/products & subcategories).
  • Default product sorting - choose the product ordering type (custom ordering+name/popularity(sales)/sort by most recent/sort by price).
  • Products per row - control the number of products to be displayed on a row.
  • Rows per page - control the number of rows to be displayed per page.


  • Layout - display your products as a grid.
  • Button Style - no add to cart button can be added on the shop page in the free version.


  • Layout - if you choose to display categories on the shop page, the category card will contain the featured image, name, and the number of products. More customizations are available in Neve Pro.


  • Alignment - allows you to align the card content to different positions. By default, in the free version, the elements are aligned to left.


  • Style - display the sale tag at the top left corner of the card content.

🖼 Product Images

Within this panel, you have the ability to manage the visual aspect of the product images. You can specify the width for the main image and thumbnail and also choose the method for cropping the thumbnails.

🧾 Checkout

This section enables you to customize the appearance of the checkout process. With the free version, you can utilize the standard view, and within the "General" section, you can adjust the required fields and include an asterisk symbol.

Furthermore, you can select the preferred policy page from those you have created, a page for terms and conditions, and modify the text for the privacy policy displayed on the checkout page.

🛍 Single Product

Within this panel, you can simplify the access to exclusive products, personalize their label, and select the category to which they belong.

🔍 Shop Sidebar

Apart from these customizations, you can control the  layout of the shop page and display a sidebar

For this, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Layout > Content/Siderbar and open the Shop/Archive accordion:

Unlock more customizations using the premium version of Neve. Take a look at the WooCommerce Booster module doc.

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