How to add affiliate referrals to feed URLs in Feedzy

NOTE: This is a Premium Feature. If you purchased Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium then you need to have both Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite  & Pro activated to take advantage of the plugin's pro features.

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You can also refer the following steps instead of the video.

Step by Step guide to have Affiliate URLs for the third party products using Feedzy RSS Feeds plugin:

  • Go to WP-admin > Pages > Add new.
  • Click on the Feedzy Icon in the editor.
  • Insert your feed URL and then scroll down to the field "Referral URL parameters (w/o "?")."
  • Provide your referral URL parameter there as a suffix. E.g: code=affiliate. (Screenshot attached). And click on "Insert Shortcode".

When you'll view the page, the posts links will have the affiliate code provided, in the URLs.

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