How to add affiliate referrals to feed URLs in Feedzy

📝 Note: This is an option of Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium, which is composed of the  Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite plugin and Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium plugin. Both of them need to be installed and active. 

Using the field below, you can add referral parameters to the item URL in multiple ways:

🗂 Methods to use referral URL

Add parameters to the end of the URL

For example, let's say your parameter is called  promo_code, and the value you want to send is feedzy_is_awesome, and you want to add this to the end of each item in the feed. To do this, you can add it below:

Every URL will have this added at the end.  Be careful not to provide the? before the parameter name.

Provide the URL as the parameter

A lot of sites need the URL as a parameter in the request. So, let's say your affiliate URL is, where you need to provide the URL of the item as a value to urllink. That's easy to do as well by providing the value, as you can see below:

The plugin will look at this and replace the placeholder #url# with the value of the URL of the link. 

📍 Locations

Feedzy supports the referral URL in three different locations: Feedzy Gutenberg Block, which can also be used in Appearance > Widgets, Feedzy Elementor Widget, and Feedzy Shortcode Block.

Feedzy Gutenberg Block

While editing a page, you can insert the Feedzy RSS Feeds block, then switch to the Advanced tab and insert the referral URL, as described above.

📝 Note: This block can also be used in Appearance > Widgets and display the feeds in the sidebar or any other location.

Feedzy Elementor Widget

It can be found as Feedzy RSS Feeds in the list of Elementor widgets. After configuring the source, you need to expand the Referral URL parameter and configure the parameters.

Feedzy shortcode

To use Feedzy as shortcode, you need to insert the Shortcode block inside the editor, then configure it as below:

[feedzy-rss feeds="" max="6" feed_title="yes" meta="author, date" columns="3" template="style2" referral_url="code=promo_code"]

Each parameter in the shortcode has a certain meaning, which you can find here. The last part, "referral_url="code=promo_code", is the one that ensures the referral parameters in the URL.


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