Lawyeria Lite Documentation

Find out how you can customize the theme in a few steps

Site Identity


Change Site Title sections :

  1. Site Title – Add the site title.
  2. Tagline – Add a short description of the site.


  • Header Text Color – Choose a color that suits the Header Text.
  • Background Color – Choose a color that suits the Background.
  • Also, check out the PRO version for full control over the color scheme!

Header Image

  • Header Image – Here you can add an image for your header. We recommend the following size: 964px x 150px.

Background Image

  • Background Image – Here you can add an image for your background. We recommend the following size: 1080px x 509px.



Change Navigation sections :

  • Add new Menu – Your theme supports 1 menu. Select which menu you would like to use. You can edit your menu content on the Menus screen in the Appearance section.


  • Add a widget as simple as in the left picture. Click on “Add a Widget” and then add any widget you want. (you can add widgets in general sidebar and footer)

Static Front Page

  • Front page displays – Your theme supports a static front page.



In this section, you can add a logo, the contact title and your phone number.

Front Page


Front page is the most complex section of Lawyeria Lite theme.  Here you can add a lot of features:

  • You have the option to complete the title and the content in the subheader. Also, the subheader background and a quote can be added here.
  • In the same section, you can choose a title, an image, and the content for each box. (Lawyeria supports 3 boxes).
  • The latest feature that can be added here is related to the homepage content. (You can add an image, a title and the content).
  • Also, on the PRO version you can add custom widgets like “Practice Area”, “Our Lawyers” and “Testimonials”.

404 Page


You can modify the 404 error page directly from Customize.

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