RokoPhoto Documentation

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Basic Configuration

Install & Configure Your New Theme

After you have purchased a theme, go to  Purchase History to download the theme. After downloading the theme, navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload, in your WordPress dashboard. Now, click the Choose File button, select the archive of your theme from your local computer and press the Install Now button. In few seconds, WordPress will upload and extract the theme archive for you. All you need to do next is to press the Activate link under the message for successful theme installation.

Now, navigate to Settings > Reading settings, and make sure that you are using Your latest posts option. If you've done all this, then you can visit your website and it will look similar to our theme demo.

Setting Up A Blog Page

Navigate to Pages > Add New, in your WordPress dashboard. In the screen that comes, title your page as Blog, and scroll down to find the Page Attributes metabox. In Page Attributes, click on the Template option and pick Blog template. Publish the page, and now you can use this page as your Blog page.


RokoPhoto uses WordPress' Customizer API, so it's really simple to customize. Just navigate to Appearance > Customize, in your WordPress dashboard, and there you can find all the customization options.

Adding Logo & Customizing Slider

You can add a logo to your website from  Appearance > Customize > Site Logo, in your WordPress dashboard. The recommended size for the logo is 75 × 75 pixels. And to customize the Slider section, you navigate to Customize > Frontpage: Slider. RokoPhoto supports up to 5 sliders. Here you can add a picture and a title for each slide. Also, you can hide the sections if needed from the Slider Settings section.

Customizing colors

To customize the colors you can navigate to  Appearance > Customize, in your WordPress dashboard. For general colors, you can click on the Colors panel.

Adding Header Image

Add new header image – Drag and drop your image here or click on the Select Image button to add it in the classic mode, from your computer. You can either choose an imagine by uploading one from your computer, or a photo you uploaded before, a photo that can be find in the Media Library. The header image will be displayed only on the Pages you create.

Customizing the Sub-Header

2015-03-05_11-50-02 Add title – In this section, you have to add the title that appears in your sub-header.

Adding Frontpage: Vision

RokoPhoto has a vision section in Appearance > Customize > Frontpage: Vision. You can add a picture to represent the vision section and also you can hide the sections if needed. Add up to 3 slides in this section. For each slide, you have 3 lines of text and, of course, you decide the number of slides to be shown. By clicking “Disable Vision” you can disable this section from your website.

Adding a Portfolio

Choose the title and the subtitle for the portfolio section and how many pictures you need. You can add new posts on the Portofolio section by going into the Dashboard and select Portofolio->Add New. Also, you can hide the sections if needed.

Customizing Frontpage: Ribbon

Add a ribbon – RokoPhoto supports a ribbon section. Go to Appearance > Customize > Frontpage: Ribbon and you can add text, buttons and a link for every button. Also, you can hide the sectios if needed.

Frontpage: About


About section – You can add a picture to represent the About section. If you don’t want this section, you can hide it from your website. Other details that you can use here are Name, Address, Website, Heading and a biography.

Frontpage: Contact


Add contact section – In this section you have to add the title and your email. Also, you can hide the sections if needed.

Apart from the default Contact form, RokoPhoto also supports Pirate Form plugin, which can be downloaded at this link.

Adding a Background Image

2015-03-05_11-54-23 Add new background image – Drag and drop your image here or click on the Select Image button to add it in the classic mode, from your computer.

Customizing the Footer

Social links – Add your most important social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Behance, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, and Dribble). Also, you can add the Copyrights in the same section.


2015-03-05_11-54-55 Add new Menu – Your theme supports 1 menu. Select which menu you would like to use. You can edit your menu content on the Menus screen in the Appearance section.

Static Front Page

2015-03-05_11-55-09 Front page displays – Your theme supports a static front page.