Neve Footer Builder

Neve comes with a versatile builder for the footer area of your site. With just a few clicks you can create the desired layout.

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📂 Open the Footer Builder

Navigate to Appearance > Customize.
Click on the Footer panel to open the footer builder.

🔎 Get to know the Footer Builder layout

The Footer Builder consists of two areas:

  •  Footer Live View Area - Where you can see the live preview of how the footer will look on the site.
  •  Footer Builder Area - Where you can add, reorder, and remove components.

📑 Footer Builder rows

The footer builder area has three rows Footer TopFooter Main, and Footer Bottom ) in which you can easily select and arrange the available components you can find while hovering over each division of the rows.

  • Appearance > Customize > Footer

Each row has its own settings which consist of Layouts and Style. To open them, click on ⚙️ at the beginning of the row, or directly on the row name in the left sidebar.

Add components
Remove components
Customize components

 Add components

While hovering over each division of the rows, click on the ➕ sign and a list of components will appear. 

Each component has specific options you can customize once that component is clicked on.

📝 Note: The following components are available only in Neve Pro: Custom Layout,  Payment Icons, and Social Icons.

Components can be added to the rows in two ways:

  • drag&drop them from the left sidebar

  • directly from the header rows


 Remove components

In order to remove a component, there are two steps that need to be done:

Step 1: hover over the component you want to remove.

Step 2: click on the ❌ icon on the right corner of the component.


 Customize components

To open the customizing options for a newly added component, you have to follow two steps:

Step 1: select the desired one.

Step 2: click on the ⚙️ icon when the component is already enabled in one of the rows.

Footer Tabs

While clicking on the ⚙️ icon, at the top of the row, a left sidebar will appear, including two tabs:

  • the layout  tab
  • the style tab


  • Stick to bottom - The row will be visible all the time even if the page isn't scrolled at the bottom.

  • The Layout - can be Full Width - Contained | Full Width | Contained - below are screenshots with each of them.
    • Full Width - Contained - the row content is wrapped by the page container and the background color stretch the full width
    • Full Width - content and background color stretch the full width
    • Contained - both the content and background color are wrapped by the page container

  • The number of columns - can vary from 1 to 5 for each row, and based on it the row layout can be different.

📌 The layout chosen will change the row columns - an example below:



In the style tab are many options available:

  • the row height - in pixels, with a reset arrow at the end of the row.
    • Desktop | Tablet | Mobile
  • text and background colors
    • with the possibility to choose from Neve's Global Colors
  • adding an image as the background, which can be a static image or the featured image of the current page. 
    • When using a background image, it is also possible to set an overlay(color and transparency).

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