How to add new social icons to RokoPhoto footer

Before we start this tutorial, please make sure that you're using a child theme. So here we go.

First you need copy the footer.php file from your parent theme (rokophoto or rokophoto-lite) folder to your child theme. Now, open the footer.php file of your child theme and look for the following code:

if(!empty($instagramurl)) {
    echo '<li><a href="'.$instagramurl.'"><i class="fa fa-instagram fa-2x"></i></a></li>';

Found it? Awesome!

You just need to add the following line of code, just below this code to add new LinkedIn icon to your footer:

echo '<li><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-linkedin fa-2x"></i></a></li>';

That's all it takes. You need to replace # in the above code with the link to your site/profile. LinkedIn icon isn't the only one, and you can pick from over hundred different icons from Font Awesome's official docs.

And if you're using the Pro version, then you also need to repeat these same steps with footer-frontpage.php file. Simple, isn't it? :)