What is the Difference Between Hestia and Hestia PRO?

Haven't decided between Hestia and its premium version, Hestia Pro?

Here is a comparison table between their features:

Hestia Hestia Pro
WooCommerce compatible
The theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. You can set up your on-line store in a matter of minutes.
Basic Enhanced
Advanced Typography Options
Options for customizing font family and font size for the frontpage and internal pages/posts. Plus, the ability to change all the typography options differentiated on desktop, tablet and mobile environments.
- Yes
Multiple Header Layouts
Hestia comes with a number of layouts available for the header area. Hestia Pro gives you an extra option for Full width menu in header.
Basic Advanced
Hestia PRO offers an unlimited number of slides.
- Yes
Hestia PRO comes with fully-integrated animations for all frontpage elements. This way, the frontpage becomes more interactive and has a better visual appearance.
- Yes
Video background
Hestia PRO offers the option to have a video background in the frontpage header area. You can use either a video from your computer or a video hosted on Youtube.
- Yes
Colors Options
You can change the secondary color in the theme as well as colors for the header overlay, header text and navbar.
Basic Advanced
Section Reordering
You will get the ability to reorganize your Frontpage Sections more easily and quickly.
- Yes
Top Bar
Hestia comes with a Top Bar section that can be used for social icons, contact address or phone number. In Hestia PRO the customization options are extended. You can change all the colors as well as the alignment.
Basic Advanced
Customize the Shop section
Hestia PRO allows better managing the Shop section on frontpage. You can filter the products by category or by publish date. You can even add a WooCommerce shortcode in this section.
- Yes
Frontpage sections
Hestia comes with a variety of frontpage sections like Big Title, Features, About, Shop, Team, Ribbon, Testimonials, Clients Bar, Subscribe, Blog and Contact. Hestia PRO adds even more sections including Slider, Portfolio and Pricing.
Basic Enhanced
Cart icon in the primary menu
With Hestia PRO, when using WooCommerce on your site, you will get a nice looking cart icon in the primary menu. The cart is automatically updated with the corresponding products and is an easy way for your users buying process.
- Yes
Option for selecting the number of Footer Widgets Columns
With Hestia PRO you have the possibility to easily change the number of Footer Widgets Columns to better match your site requirements.
- Yes
Mega Menu compatibility
Hestia offers Mega Menu compatibility, for incredible looking menus. Check more on the compatibility here.
Yes Yes
Alternative Footer Style
Hestia offers a new alternative layout for the footer area. You can choose either the black footer or the white one.
- Yes
Portfolio Section
Portfolio section with two possible layouts and an option to open in lightbox.
- Yes
Pricing Plans Section
Pricing section with two possible pricing packages.
- Yes
Posts and pages layouts
For each post and page you have the possibility to select an individual layout ( Full Width, Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar ). There is also a generic control for the layout of all pages, if you don't want to select a different layout for each page.
Yes Yes
Extra Options For The Blog Page
Authors Section & Subscribe Section on the Blog Page.
- Yes
Alternative Layout For The Blog Page
The new layout displays the posts in an alternative position, one with the image on the left side and the next one with the image on the right side and so on.
- Yes
Option to chose a certain category for the Blog section
In Hestia PRO, you can make sure only certain posts appear in the frontpage Blog section. You have the possibility to choose your desired posts category.
- Yes
Sidebar width option
Option to control the width of the sidebar in all the pages. The content width will also adapt correspondingly.
- Yes
Container width option
Option to control the width of the containers in all the pages.
- Yes
Re-use frontpage sections in other pages/widgets
With this option, you can easily re-create the frontpage, or part of it, on any other page of your site.
- Yes
Remove Footer Copyright & Credits
Hestia Pro allows you to easily add a copyright message in the footer area.
- Yes
Option to Change the Footer Layout
With this option you can rearrange the whole layout of the footer area. You can add the menu in the right side, left side or centered, with the copyright message.
- Yes
Forms Plugins compatibility
Hestia Pro is fully compatible with Contact Form 7, WP forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, Visual Form Builder, Fast Secure Contact Form, Jetpack Contact form, MailChimp for WP, MailChimp List Subscribe and Easy forms for MailChimp.
- Yes
Translation ready
Hestia Pro is fully compatible with WPML and Polylang. It can easily be used for multilingual sites.
- Yes
Fast & Friendly Support
On average, a PRO user gets a reply in 5 hours or less.
- Yes

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Is also worth noting few things : 

  • You can easily cancel the yearly subscription immediately after purchase it. If you stop paying after 1 year you won't have support and updates, the theme will continue to work, you paid for the theme and is yours :)
  • Upgrading to Hestia PRO is very smooth, just upload & activate the PRO version and you will automatically get access to the extra features, the website won't break nor you need to re-configure it
  • The current price for upgrading is $89 and you get access to all our products (30+ themes and 10+ plugins). We know that you might have only just 1 site, but we can assure you the deal is worth even for that, you get the peace of mind that if a new version of WordPress is released or something broke, we have your back, support time currently for paid users is in average 5 hours.

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