What is the Difference Between Hestia and Hestia PRO?

Which product version is right for me, free or PRO?

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Starter Sites Library

One of the most important differences between Hestia Free and Hestia PRO is that Hestia PRO has a Starter Sites Library, which is a great advantage. Those are templates similar to the front-page sections of the theme, however, they are built with a page builder plugin like Elementor. 

The demos were designed for a dedicated website, separated according to the plans:

Starter Sites Hestia Pro (Personal)
Hestia Pro (Bussiness)
Hestia Pro (Agency)
Hestia Original Yes Yes Yes

WooCommerce Demo

Yes Yes Yes

Energy Panels Demo

Yes Yes Yes

Vet Center Demo

Yes Yes Yes

Agency Travel Demo

Yes Yes Yes

Lawyers Demo

- Yes Yes

Travel Agency Demo

- Yes Yes

Coffee Shop Demo

- Yes Yes

Gym Demo

- Yes Yes

Hestia can be easily configured, and the Header is one of the things that can be customized, with three available subpanels. Hestia Pro brings in extra features that can be used to develop more layouts, appearance enhances, fullscreen options.

Features Hestia  Hestia Pro
Very Top bar

The Very Top Bar is the highest positioned section on the site, just above the navigation area.


Extra Layout option and Appearance Settings


The Navigation area is formed by the Logo (or Site Title), the Primary Menu, and the Navigation widget area. 

Yes Extra full screen menu, menu Mini Cart, Mobile Menu Icon Customization
Header Settings Yes Yes

Hestia Pro allows the layout customization to be shown in the Footer area.

Features Hestia
Hestia Pro
Footer Credits

Here you can add an HTML code.

Yes Yes

Number of widgets area 

Type the number of widgets that you want to be displayed.

- Yes
Three directions of alignment for widgets and copyright.
- Yes
You can choose from white / black.
- Yes

Blog Settings

Features Hestia
Hestia Pro
Blog Settings Yes Extra Grid Layout
Authors Section

Allows you to transfer the authors from your Team section to your blog pages, with Deselect and Background Image options.

- Yes
Subscribe Section

Hestia PRO allows for a Subscribe widget on the Blog page as well, using the same Sendinblue widgets.

- Yes

Frontpage Sections

The Frontpage Sections panel contains the names of the sections that appear on your homepage, with a visibility option, to turn them on / off. More than that, Hestia PRO brings in the rearrangement option, which allows you to change the order of the sections with a drag and drop movement.

Features Hestia
Hestia Pro
Big Title Section

Yes Extra video background and slide effect
Features Section
In the features section, you can showcase an unlimited number of features or services in the form of a repetitive box.
Yes Yes
About Section
Allows you to describe the website, by adding content and background.
Yes Yes
Shop Section
The Shop section on the homepage was designed to showcase your best products.
Yes Extra Categories display and Products panel
Team Section
Here you can showcase your team members on the homepage of the site, using the Team section.
Yes Yes
Pricing Section
Hestia Pro comes with a beautiful set of pricing tables. It allows you to add unlimited options to your tables by separating them with a "\n".
- Yes
Portfolio Section

This is a section exclusive for the Hestia Pro theme, available after installing the Jetpack plugin. 

- Yes
Ribbon Section

This section aims to get the public's attention, useful for subscribing to announcements.    

Yes Yes
Testimonials Section

You can beautifully display clients' words in your Testimonials section.

Yes Yes
Clients Bar Section

This section works like a "wall of fame" with the customers.    

Yes Yes
Subscribe Section

Both Hestia versions come with a Subscribe section on the homepage. 

Yes Yes
Blog Section

This section consists of the latest blog posts (articles) published on your site. 

Yes Extra Category display
Contact Section

The contact section works with the WPForms plugin.

Yes Yes

Custom Layouts in Hestia PRO

Custom Layouts is one of Hestia's PRO features, which allows you to easily create custom sections that can be placed in various places of the theme, based on hooks.

Another important feature of this module is that you can make your own header/footer and replace the one from the theme. 

πŸ“  Note: Check this guide for getting started with your own layouts.

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Shortcodes in Hestia PRO

Using the shortcodes attached to each Frontpage Section you can add any desired section.

Step 1: Add the Shortcode element. This can be done easily with drag-and-drop options

Step 2: Paste the shortcode of the desired section and this will appear in the block.

πŸ“ Note: The theme sections are only displayed with this approach are not duplicated. On the pages where shortcodes are used, the section will have the same content as on the front page.


WooCommerce in Hestia PRO

Features Hestia Hestia Pro

Store Notice

Will be shown site-wide.
- Yes

Enable store notice 

If enabled, it will display a banner with the above text.
- Yes

Product Catalog

Shop page display 

Choose what to display: Products / Categories / Products & Categories.

- Yes

Category display 

Choose what to display on the product category pages: Products / Subcategories / Products & Subcategories.

- Yes

Default product sorting

Select how you want the products to be sorted: Default / Popularity / Average rating / Sort by most recent / Ascendant / Descendant.

- Yes

Products per row 

Type how many products are to be displayed per row, maximum 6.

- Yes

Rows per page 

Type how many rows of products are to be displayed per page.

- Yes

Product Images

Thumbnail cropping

With three available options: 

  • 1:1 - will be cropped into a square.
  • Custom - will be cropped to a custom aspect ratio.
  • Uncropped - will display using the aspect ratio in which they were uploaded.
- Yes

Checkout Page

Fields type
Select the type of the fields - Optional / Hidden / Required.
- Yes

Highlight required fields with an asterisk

Enable / disable.
- Yes

Privacy policy page

Set a page from the list, add a text about the store privacy to show during the checkout.

- Yes

Terms and conditions page 

Set a page from the list, add a text for the terms checkbox that customers must accept.
- Yes

Translate Hestia

The frontpage of the theme can be translated into the PRO version only.

Features Hestia Hestia Pro
Translate Press 
A dedicated article on how to use this plugin with Hestia is available on this page.
Yes Yes

A dedicated article on how to use this plugin with Hestia is available on this page.

Yes Yes
Multiple Languages on the front page template - Yes

Upgrade to Hestia Pro


Appearance Settings

Features Hestia
Hestia Pro
General Settings
Mostly settings regarding layout.
Yes Extra Slider effect, Sidebar / Container Width
Includes settings regarding font family, font size.
Yes Extra Generic options
Changing colors for different locations.
2 locations 8 extra locations
Includes basic settings, like padding, border-radius.
Yes Extra Hover effect

White Label in Hestia PRO

This is an extra feature of the Hestia PRO version. This covers the traces of user's changes over the theme or plugin.

While navigating into the  White Label panel, click on the White Label Settings button and you will be redirected to the Dashboard.

πŸ’‘ Example

Click on the  Save Changes button.

Check the  Theme Details and see how the details were applied:

πŸ“    Appearance > Themes

πŸ“Note: For more details about it, check this doc.


Page/Post Components

Components Hestia
Hestia Pro
Disable Header Yes Yes
Disable Footer Yes Yes
Disable Title - Yes
Enable transparent header - Yes


Besides our infinite love and respect,  Hestia Pro users get access to regular support and updates. Make sure you check out our pricing for more details on that.

Upgrade to Hestia Pro

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