What to do when you get Warning: ./cache is not writeable

After activating the plugin, and posting if you see a message like:

Warning: ./cache is not writeable

This usually happens when some component (plugin/theme) in your installation has switched on the WordPress Debug mode. This causes any warnings to be shown on pages. The best method is to trace where this has been enabled and disable that.

  • Try switching to the default theme and check if the problem still exists. If no, the theme was causing that warning to display.
  • Try disabling every plugin and activate them one-by-one and detect the one which was causing this problem.
  • As a workaround, you can paste this code snippet into your current theme‚Äôs functions.php.:

    This should silence all warnings and errors.

If you have tried all the above scenarios and you still see this warning, you can contact us in order to check it.

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