How to Import Full Content with Images?

📝 Note: This feature is part of the premium version of Feedzy RSS Feeds, which you can get from here.

Some feeds use lazy-loading image placeholders, which is why, when using the #item_full_content tag, Feedzy imports those placeholders, which is not the desired behavior.

In this example, we have used the Themeisle Feed ( ), and we have extracted the attribute of the images, which appears in the code snippet too ( 'data-opt-src' ):

This attribute is influenced by the use of the Optimole plugin, which optimizes the images, but other plugins will have different attributes, which you can find in the same way as we did above:


Go to the  source website.


Right-click on an image and select Inspect.


Get the  attribute that appears next to the image.


Paste it instead of the 'data-opt-src' parameter.

To import the images, after configuring the import wizard, including the [#item_full_content] tag, navigate to the wp-config.php file and add the below PHP constants:

define( 'FEEDZY_ALLOW_UNSAFE_HTML', true );
define( 'FZ_FULL_CONTENT_LAZY_LOAD_ATTRIBUTES', 'data-opt-src' ); // Comma separated list e.g: data-opt-src,data-lazyload,data-src

📝 Note: The piece of code must be customized according to the image parameter of your source website.

💡 Example

We have used the, and this is what it looks like after adding the constants:

📝 Note: This happens only for the lazy-loading images when importing full content, not for regular images.

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