How to automatically sync charts with online files

Sometimes you find yourself in the situation when you have a spreadsheet that you  regularly update and you want the chart to reflect the changes. Visualizer brings a feature that you can use to sync the data on a specific time interval, which you can set when creating the chart. 

This article will present, step by step, the produce to sync charts with online files.

📝 Note: In order to have the full set of options, at least the Visualizer Personal Plan is required.

Step 1:

Install and activate the Visualizer plugin, using these steps.

Step 2:

Navigate to Dashboard > Visualizer > Charts Library, to have a full view of the available charts.

Step 3:

Pick the chart that you want to be always up to date and open its settings.

Step 4:

Under the Source tab, you will find the option Import data from URL, which allows us to sync charts with online files.

It has two options for the data source, according to the source that you want to use:

  • import from CSV
  • import from JSON 

Step 5:

Select one of the options above, the one that coincides with the data source of your chart, open the accordion, and insert the URL of your chart.

Step 6:

From that point, you can establish how often you want the data to be synced.

📝 Note: You are also able to set a custom interval for the refresh (if those available by default are not enough). Check this doc.

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