How to Replace Content in Feed to Post?

📝 Note: The Search and Replace feature is part of the Feed To Post import method in Feedzy RSS Feeds.

🧰 Using the feature

In the Import wizard, open the Map Content tab.
In the  Content field click on the ➕ sign and select one of the action-supporting tags from the list.
In the Actions modal, click on Add new.
From the dropdown, select the Search and Replace action.
Insert the desired word and its corresponding replacement.
Click on Save Actions.

🗂 Use Cases

  • Adjust vocabulary based on the targeted audience (e.g., post => article)

Dashboard Condition

Replaced 'post' with 'article'

  • Substitute casual verb forms with the formal structure

Dashboard Condition

Replaced 'we'll' with 'we will'

  • Replacing original source's full form of the term with its abbreviation

Dashboard Condition

Replaced 'SEO' with 'Search Engine Optimization'

📌 Action-Supporting Tags

  • [#item_content]
  • [#item_full_content]
  • [#item_description]
  • [#item_categories]
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