Getting Started with the Podcast Starter Site

This Starter Site is designed to help you create and grow a website for your podcast using Neve. It's available in both Gutenberg and Elementor versions and includes a layout foundation that is easy to manage and extend based on your website’s needs.

🧩 Integrations

This Starter Site includes several useful integrations to optimize your experience:

  • Pods Custom Post Types: The starter site comes packed with a custom Post type for your Podcast Episodes, made with the Pods plugin. This allows you to add your episodes, manage their layout, and display them independently from other posts.

  • Feedzy: Showcases the addition of RSS feeds from multiple sources into your content.

  • WooCommerce: Basic shop integration to help you get online selling swag in no time.

  • PPOM: Adds custom product fields in your products.

  • Otter Blocks: The Gutenberg version of the starter Site makes use of Otter Blocks.
  • OrbitFox: In the Elementor version, we make use of OrbitFox to display the newsletter and contact forms.

🧰 Customization

Single Episode and Episodes Archive

In the  Gutenberg version, the layout of the Single Episode and Episodes Archive are dynamically controlled by Neve’s custom layouts. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Neve \ Custom Layouts to customize the appearance of these templates.

📝Note: Learn more about the Custom Layouts in Neve from this doc.

In the Elementor version, the layouts are static, so you will either need to manually edit them or use Elementor Pro’s dynamic features to create a template-based solution.

Add a new Podcast

In your dashboard, create a new Episode post type from the sidebar. Add your content, and make sure to include an excerpt and a Podcast Guest in the custom fields. In the Gutenberg demo, these elements are dynamically displayed at the front end. In the Elementor demo, you can display these dynamically using Elementor Pro’s Dynamic Values feature.

Integrate your episode player to the episode page using your preferred method. For the demo, we use a simple HTML embed in both Gutenberg and Elementor demos.

🗂 Useful Resources

Here are some articles from our blog that are related to this starter site niche. Have a look and get inspired to take your website to the next level.

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