The Dynamic Images Feature - Otter Features Library

🧰 Using the Feature

The Otter plugin allows you to add dynamic images, which will import information depending on the elements you pick from the menu. 

In order to do this, open the editor, add the Image block, and click on the Upload / Media Library button. It creates a third tab called Dynamic Images, from which you can start adding the desired elements:

Moreover, you can set a fallback image that will appear in case of exceeded loading or case there is no picture to show by simply adding the URL of this image:

🗂 Use Cases for the Dynamic Images

  • creating a dynamic Testimonials section

  • building an automatically updated product review

  • creating a single post template using dynamic content and Custom Layouts - check this video
  • design dynamic archive pages using dynamic content and Custom Layouts - check this video 

🎥Video - How to use the Dynamic Content?

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