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📝 Note: These blocks are part of the Otter Blocks plugin, which you can get from here

📝 Note: The blocks' appearance can be improved using the Otter features, such as Transform to Sticky, Visibility conditions, Dynamic Values or Images, as well as Counting / Typing / Loading animations, and Patterns.

Create the website that you desire using the Otter blocks:

📦 Icon

Something more suggestive than a text or a button is an icon, and with the Icon block, you can easily add it to your website.

The specific customizations available for this block cover four areas:

  • Icon - here you will find the Icon Library, which allows you to pick the library from Font Awesome and ThemeIsle Icons, and the Icon Picker to search the list and choose the suitable icon for your website.
  • Icon Sizes - from here you can adjust the size of the icon and anything related to its position.
  • Color - choose from the Global Colors or select a custom color, on normal or hover mode, for the icon, background, and border.
  • Border Settings - enhance the border by adjusting its size and radius.

Use cases of the Icon block

  • to highlight your product's strong points using the Section block ( three columns ) and Icon blocks

📌 Icon List

Create an exciting layout for the icons using the Icon List block.

The specific customizations available for this block cover two areas:

  • Styles - here you have access to color controls for icon and text, font and icon size, controls for space between list items and between icon and label, as well as a toggle for enabling divider.
  • Settings - from this tab, you can change the list orientation (vertical/horizontal), the elements alignment, a toggle to hide labels, as well as the icon library dropdown and icon picker area.

Use cases for the Icon List block

  • present product's Pros

📝 Note: Unlock more features using the PRO version of the plugin.

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