The Sticky Feature - Otter Blocks Library

The Otter plugin brings in a wide palette of blocks with general or specific features. This article presents a general feature that can be applied to all the blocks: Transform blocks to Sticky.

⚙️ Customizations of the Feature

Sticky To 

Set the parent element for the sticky block - limit the movement by setting another block as a container.

  • Top Level Block options will use the root block in List View ( 1 ) that contains the sticky block.
  • Section - will use the Section block that directly contains the sticky block.
  • The parent will use the parent block as a container.

📝 Note: When using another option than Screen, make sure to test how it works. This feature works best when the Screen is the default option. Using other options will change how the Behaviour options work.

📝 Note: The following features ( Positions, Offset, Behaviour, and enable on Mobile ) are available only for the PRO version of Neve.


Pick the block's position in relation to the screen, top or bottom. This will influence the orientation of the block when you scroll.

  • Top

  • Bottom

Float Mode 

This is available only for the root blocks. By enabling this option, you will unlock the Closing the Sticky behavior, which allows you to make another block inside the root to act like a close switch.


Refers to the distance that remains between the block and the screen.


This option decides how the sticky blocks will behave when multiple sticky blocks with the same movement will collide.

📝 Note: The Behaviour options work best when the Sticky To parent is set to Screen.

  • Collapse - the sticky blocks that have the same movement limit, will collapse one into another when colliding. 

  • Fade - the sticky blocks that have the same movement limit will fade/disappear one into another when colliding. 
  • Stack - the sticky blocks that have the same movement limit will stack one on top of another when colliding. 

Enable on Mobile 

Decide if you want this feature to be displayed on Mobile too.

🎥Video - How to make the blocks sticky?

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