How to Start Page Generation From Scratch?

📝 Note: MPG: The Multiple Page Generator is a mass page generator that allows you to create bulk, unlimited, unique landing pages. If you need more details about this plugin, check this doc.

When you first install the MPG WordPress plugin, you will be presented with a choice of creating your first project From Scratch or several available templates. Most users would select the From Scratch option when their data set is in CSV, Excel, or Google Sheets.

Navigate to MPG > Create New.
From MPG Setup click on the From Scratch option.

Once you have accessed this option, you will be  redirected to the page where you have to  fill in all the project details.

After completing the details, save the  changes, and you will be able to insert a source file ( either by link or uploading ).

Make sure you follow one of the two available methods of using a file ( direct link or upload a file ), then click on the Fetch and use button.

Once you have fetched the data, you will be able to access the  data preview automatically and go to the URL Generation

The URL Format Template needs to contain at least one shortcode. A shortcode is one of the heads of the columns within the entry file ( e.g. mpg_city, mpg_lat ). You have to use the exact name as in the entry file within the URL field, which can be selected from the dropdown from the URL Generation field.

To check the generated URLs, click on the See all URLs button. Once you have done this, a modal with all the URLs will appear:

📝 Note: You will not be able to make any changes to the URLs if you have not clicked on the Fetch and use button.

Make the desired  changes ( you can check the Project main options sections for more details about the options ) and click on the Save changes button at the end of the section.

📝 Note: For further details about the project's main options, check this dedicated doc.

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