Support Policy

The Themeisle Support Policy is your guide to getting help with our products. It explains how to get in touch with us, what kind of help we offer, and how long it usually takes to hear back from us.

Support availability and Response times

Our support team is online Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EEST. 

We provide support exclusively in English to maintain clarity in communications. Although we strive to understand messages received in any language, all replies will be sent in English.

Response Time Commitments:

Premium Priority Support - 12 hours

Premium Standard Support - 24 hours

Please be aware that response times are based on our standard working hours, and we cannot guarantee support over weekends. All support inquiries are placed in a queue, and while specific resolution times cannot be promised, we guarantee that a support engineer will acknowledge your issue and communicate with you to address your concerns as soon as possible.

Product Support channels

Our support service is focused on our Helpdesk which based on the subscription type, it can be via email or live chat. At the moment, we do not consistently answer support questions on social media or other channels than the ones mentioned below.

To take advantage of our support service, you need to open a ticket using the Helpdesk. This requires having an active subscription to one of our products and using the same email you filled in on the checkout page during the purchase.

Premium products – Customers who purchased a Themeisle subscription can contact us directly on this page. For some products, you may also be able to open a ticket directly from your website’s Dashboard, where the license key field is.

Free products – The free version of our products is available on where for each product, there is community-based support forum. Our team also monitors those threads and tries to help however we prioritize premium support. To find the right forum for each product please refer to this guide.

Support Scope

We constantly strive to provide outstanding support for our products, however, we cannot guarantee that all support inquiries will be resolved to the full satisfaction of the requester.

To take advantage of our support service, you must use the latest version of the product and keep it as it is. If any custom code was added and product files were altered in any way, we can’t help.

What our support service covers:

  • Product Installation: We'll assist you with installing our products.
  • Using Product Features: We're here to help you understand and utilize the built-in features of our products.
  • Learning Resources: We provide comprehensive documentation and video tutorials to guide you through using our products.
  • Product Troubleshooting: We offer support for resolving issues specific to our products.
  • Billing and Account Management: We can help with billing inquiries, including invoices, upgrades, cancellations, and refunds.
  • Themeisle Account Access: We'll assist you with any issues related to accessing your Themeisle account.

What our support service does not cover:

  • Troubleshooting: We will guide you on how to troubleshoot potential conflicts or bugs by deactivating themes and plugins, rather than doing it for you.
  • CSS Modifications: We provide CSS adjustments only to correct improper display issues. We do not undertake extensive or complex CSS changes for aesthetic enhancements.
  • Theme and Plugin Conflicts: We address errors and conflicts that arise with officially integrated plugins but not customizations beyond the intended functionality.
  • Support for Older Versions: Our products are tested with older versions as specified on the plugin sales pages. Support requires updating to the latest versions if issues arise with older versions.
  • Third-Party Compatibility: We don't provide support for compatibility issues arising from third-party themes, plugins, or custom code not officially supported by our product.
  • Code-Related Issues: This includes custom code, child themes with code changes, modifications to our product's design, code, or functionality, and assistance if the product code itself has been modified.
  • General WordPress Support: We recommend consulting the official WordPress documentation and our dedicated knowledge base for general WordPress support topics.
  • Optimization and SEO: While we can offer general guidance, optimizing your website for search engines (SEO) is a broader subject beyond the scope of our support.


When it comes to troubleshooting, our support team always starts the process with the following checks:

  • The product is up-to-date
  • It can be a plugin conflict
  • It can be a theme conflict

To make things easier and quicker, we recommend performing these checks. We have created a dedicated guide on how to do this. Our support team may ask you to perform these checks before digging further into the problem.


Our products are offered as they are. We can assist you with configuring the existing options. However, any modifications to the appearance or functionality of the product are not covered by our support service.

For custom coding help, we recommend websites such as,, or You will find some great professionals there who are more than capable of assisting you with such integrations.

Refund policy

We do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for our subscriptions, including renewal charges. Our refund and cancelation policies are detailed in the Terms of Service that all of our customers accept when they purchase a Themeisle subscription.

Available actions to manage your subscription:

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