How to cancel my subscription

Thanks for choosing our products! As we mentioned, an automated subscription is not required, you can easily cancel your subscription and just subscribe again when you want. Keep in mind that without an active license you won't be able to get updates and support.

FastSpring gateway (payment available starting with July 2017)

For payments made with the FastSpring method, click on the following link and fill with your email address.

After you press the "Continue" button, you'll receive an email with a link from where you can Cancel your subscription. 

PayPal gateway (payment available until July 2017) ( If you used Paypal, but paid through FastSpring, read the first section)

  1. Click on the Profile icon which is next to "Log Out" and select Profile and settings.
  2. Select My money.
  3. In the My preapproved payments section, click Update.
  4. Search for Vertigo Studio SRL (our company name) and click Cancel.
  5. Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request. 

2checkout gateway (payment available until July 2017)

If you have used your credit card for payments, then please go to and follow the next steps:

1. Use your  2CO Order Number/PayPal Invoice ID or First 6 Digits of Card Charged and Last 2 Digits of card charges then input your email and click on Find my Order.
2. Now find " I'd like to..." and click on "Stop my recurring membership or subscription," then select the desired subscription.
3. Click on " Stop Selected"
4. Your subscription is now canceled.

If your query was not resolved yet, we can still help you, contact us via

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