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📝 Note: These blocks are part of the Otter Blocks plugin, which you can get from here

The AI Block works based on the OpenAI API key, which means that you have to create an OpenAI account in order to use the AI Block. You can use this guide to learn how to generate an API key.

After generating the API key, make sure you add it in Otter Blocks > Settings > Integrations.

🧰 Using the Block


Navigate to the pages/posts where you want to use the AI Block.


Click on the plus button to add new blocks.


Search for the AI Block and insert it into the page.

From this point, you have two available options: start using the AI content generator or form generator.

📝AI Content Generator

The AI Content generator can be used for multiple purposes. You can start by entering the desired output, then click on the Generate button.

As a result, the Otter Blocks will create the content as mentioned in the prompt:

Pressing the Generate button repeatedly will save all versions in the history list, accessible via the bottom left arrows.

At the bottom of the blocks, you will see three buttons and arrows with the following functionalities:

  • Replace - once pressed, this button will turn the generated content into separate blocks so that you can easily replace its content.
  • Insert below - maintains the original generated content and adds new blocks beneath it containing the same output.
  • Regenerate - will replace the existing content. so that it will not be stored in the history list.
  • History arrows - allows you to access previous versions that have already been generated.

AI Toolbar

Apart from using the prompt from the block, the AI block adds a new icon in the toolbar that allows you to use its options directly on the page. This is available for headings and paragraphs, and it is also available when you make a multi-paragraph selection.

📝 Note: Please note that if you select paragraphs and headings, the AI toolbar options will not be available.


The options available under this section will impact the content. It can generate headings based on the selected paragraph, continue writing based on the existing idea, summarize the content, make the paragraph shorter or longer, or even make it more descriptive (these will contain the Replace and Insert below buttons).


Using the available tone options, the Otter Blocks plugin will rephrase the selected paragraph according to your preference. The available tones are professional, friendly, humorous, confident, persuasive, and casual.

Use as prompt

Last but not least, you can use a paragraph as the source for the prompt. In this way, the content will be generated according to what's mentioned in the paragraph.

💌 AI Form Generator

As the name suggests, the AI Form can generate form fields based on the prompt that you give. After generating them, you are able to edit the fields, delete, rename, etc.

📝 Note: Learn more about the AI Form from this doc.

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