Copy / Paste Styles Feature - Otter Features Library

The Copy / Paste Styles feature of Otter Blocks is meant to help you duplicate the styles of the blocks with just a few clicks.

🧰 Using the Feature


Navigate to the block you want to copy or where you want to paste content.


Click on the block and click on the three dots icon.


Use the Copy Style / Paste Style to manage the content as you wish.

🗂 List of Supported Blocks

Not all the blocks have this feature, so we have created a list with the supported blocks:

Gutenberg Blocks

  • column / columns
  • group
  • paragraph
  • heading
  • list
  • image
  • button / buttons
  • gallery
  • cover

Otter Blocks

  • advanced-column / advanced-columns
  • button / button-group
  • font-awesome-icons
  • icon-list / icon-list-item
  • accordion
  • progress-bar
  • tabs
  • flip
  • form
  • circle-counter
  • review
  • advanced-heading
  • countdown
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