Neve Buttons

To customize the appearance of the buttons, you can see the Buttons panel inside Customizer, in  Appearance > Customize Buttons.


The menu includes options for responsive padding (in PX, EM, REM). Also, there are various typography options available for the buttons, which can be accessed for the button text:

  • Transform (Capitalize / Uppercase / Lowercase) 
  • Weight (100: 900)
  • Responsive settings for Font Size (PX), Letter Spacing (in PX), and Line Height (in PX and EM).

Primary and Secondary Buttons

These button types have two different styling options:

  • Filled - contains border radius controls, background, and text color, as well as button shadow for both normal and hover.
  • Outline - apart from the options available for filled, here you can also configure the border width.

Filled Primary Button

Outline Primary Button

Some  primary buttons are: Add to cart, Update Cart and Proceed to Checkout, while secondary buttons are View Cart, Post Comment, and Apply Coupon.

📝 Note: The buttons can also be customized individually inside the editor, including changing the text or appearance. Check this doc for further details.

📝 Note:  The Buttons options available in the Neve Customizer panel apply to the buttons with the following CSS classes, .button.button-primary, and .button.button-secondary

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