Stripe Checkout Block - Error Description

If you are using the Stripe Checkout block and you are reading this, some errors appear on your website. This doc will help you understand why this happens and how to manage them.

🛠 Errors & Causes

'An error occurred! Could not retrieve product information!'

  • The Stripe API Key is no longer valid.
  • Stripe Services are no longer working - you can check here.
  • The Stripe API is from a different account. Every product has its own id based on account. You cannot use someone else's account and expect to display his products/prices.
  • The product/price no longer exists.

'The product can not be purchased anymore.'

  • The product was either deleted or archived.

No matter what the error is, you have to review the block inside the editor. The starting point is to check all the possible causes that we listed. 

💡 Example

In the example below, we have intentionally altered the API Key, and here is the result:



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