How to Use Global Defaults in Otter?

πŸ“ Note: This is part of the Otter Blocks feature, which you can get from here.

The global defaults in Otter are very useful for creating a homogeneous appearance for your website. These  Global Settings work well from a long time perspective. You can configure the most common blocks here, and every time you add one of them, they will be shaped as you have previously taken care of. The configurations that you make here do not affect the already-added content.

  • ⏰ time-savers
  • ✨ uniform design

🧰 Using the feature


Inside the editor, click on the Otter icon, then select Block Settings.

From the list with blocks, select the ones you want to make global defaults.

You can use the πŸ‘ icon to hide the blocks from the list.


There are blocks for which you can configure the appearance by clicking on the first button.


For this example, we have created an Advanced Heading global default.

We have customized the  color, size, and font and saved the settings.

After making the changes and adding a new block, the changes were applied.

πŸ“ Note: Please note that the blocks added before making some global defaults stay the same.

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