How to Design a Template Page in FSE Themes using Otter Blocks?

Our FSE Themes are fully compatible with the Otter Blocks plugin, which allows you to create the perfect pages for your website, taking advantage of Otter's features.

In this example, we have used the Raft theme, but the steps are the same for the other FSE Themes.

📝 Note: We assume you have installed Otter before reading this.

🖌 Design the Template


Create a new page or post and open it.


In the Page tab, go to Template and click on the name.


Click on the Add template button.


You can insert a suggestive name and click on Create. In this way, the template editor will open.

Here you can insert Otter blocks, as you would for regular pages, or use Otter dynamic values to import content automatically.

Once you have published it, it will appear under the Templates area.

📥 Use the Template


To use the previously designed template, open the desired post / page.


In the right sidebar, under Post / Page, go to the Template.


Select from the dropdown the previously created template.


As you can see in the screenshot below, the dynamic content has been replaced, and the post has the same configuration as the template.

🗂 Useful Resources

To design the perfect template page, here are some useful links for Otter's features:

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