WP Product Review Documentation

Learn how to customize and set up WP Product Review

1)How to download the plugin?

  1. Go to www.themeisle.com/purchase-history
  2. Login and download your .zip file

2)How to install WP Product Review

  1. To install Reviev Old Posts, as well as any other plugin, go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Choose File
  2. In the new popup window, select the .zip file and click Open.
  3. Click “Install Now” and Activate after finished uploading

3)General Settings

  1. Position of the review box – this allows you to choose where to include the reviews in the post, at the begining or the end of the post. Manually inserting them is not recommended for WP Product Review Lite because you need to manually your theme’s .php files to insert the reviews into post.
    If using the PRO version, shortcodes can be used easily to insert the review anywhere into the post, as well as more than 1 review per article. Shortcodes also come with different type of reviews, a demo can be seen  here.
  2. Show review comment – this enables or disables visitors comment reviews.
  3. Visitor review influence – selects how much will your visitors reviews influence the overall scores
  4. Change default rating icon – this feature is available only for PRO users, it allows you to replace the rating icons with several other ones who suit your website. You can see some of them in our demo here.
  5. Number of options – this too is a PRO feature only, Lite version this number is set to 5 and cannot be changed.
  6. Content width – PRO feature that limits the width of reviews so you have better control of how and where they are introduced.

4)Rating Colors

This menu will let you customize every color used in review. All colors can be easily chosen either using the graphic selector, or by entering the hexa value of the color.


This menu allows you to customize colors for the text fields in reviews. It also allows you to change the texts for Pros and Cons fields, so if the default ones don’t suit your needs remember to change them from here.

You can also customize the border’s width and color of the review box, to perfectly blend the reviews with your website.

6)Buy Button

The buy buttons (up to 2) will be inserted at the end of the reviews and provide a great call-to-action method for affiliates and sellers.

You can choose whether you want or not this button to be used.

The other fields are all for color customization so you can make these buttons stand out.

7)How to create review articles

    1. Go to an existing page/article or simply create a new one
    2. Check the “Yes” button to confirm you want to create a review on this article

  1. Fill in the fields with your desired data.
  2. Insert Product’s Features which will be graded by you and your visitors if comment review is enabled
  3. Insert Pros and Cons. This can only be used by the article’s author.

8)What will the review look like?