How the before/after/manual review box placement option works

You can place the review box for the post anywhere (before/after/manual) in the post. To choose the placement of the review box, follow these steps:

1. Go to Dashboard > Product Review.

2. Select the position of the review box placement from option: Position of the review box.

3. Click on Save All Changes.

After the content

The review box is displayed after the full content is ended.

Before the content

The review box is displayed before the content is started.

Manually within the content

NOTE: The shortcode is available in the pro version of the plugin. In order to place your review box anywhere within the content manually, you need to use the shortcode which is available only if the pro version is activated. You can know more about the WP Product Review Pro here.

To place the review box manually within the content, you need to use the shortcode:

[P_REVIEW post_id=xyz visual='full']

Where, xyz is the ID of the post from which you want to display review. To get the post ID, edit the post you want to insert through the shortcode. The URL that is displayed will show the post ID in the form "?post=xyz" where xxx will be the post ID. E.g.

Here, the post ID is 44. So the shortcode we'll use is:

[P_REVIEW post_id=44 visual='full']

We'll enter the shortcode, wherever we want in the post.

And here's how it will display:

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