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This is a PRO feature, here's how to install this version if you've already purchased it.

The WP Product Review plugin comes with a reviews comparison table add-on which helps you build and display awesome tables with your product reviews.

The following example was built using this shortcode: [wpr_landing img cat='books' nr='3' orderby='rating']

How to set up the comparison table

To add a comparison table of reviews to your post or page use the following shortcode: [wpr_landing].

This basic shortcode displays a table with all your reviews listing their name, rating, description, price, statistics and the affiliate button.

Display reviews only from a category

You can display a comparison table of reviews with products from a category by adding the ' cat' option and the category slug. The resulting shortcode looks like this: [wpr_landing cat='the_category_slug'].

Here's a quick example on how to add a new category:

This is how the shortcode looks if we apply the newly added category:

[wpr_landing cat='books']

*Note: Review post type must be enabled so the Reviews option will be visible on the left-hand side of the Dashboard. This is where you need to create reviews and categories for the Comparison Table.

Display the image from the reviews

Instead of the name of the review you can show the image of the review by using the ' img' option.

Following up on our previous example where we displayed reviews from only one category let's display their image instead of their name.
This is how the shortcode looks:

[wpr_landing cat='books' img]

Display a specific number of reviews

You can display a limited number of reviews by using the ' nr' option.

Let's add this to our example, so the shortcode will look like this:

[wpr_landing cat='books' img nr='2']

Shortcode options

Here's a list of all the options for the shortcode you can use to customize the Review Comparison Table :

  • cat='books' - show only reviews from a category (use the category slug)
  • nr='10' - set the number of posts that are displayed in the table
  • img='no' - disable the reviews' image
  • orderby='rating' - order reviews by their rating
  • order='desc' - show reviews in descending order

That's it! Apart from shortcode settings, you can find additional settings in the  PRO Comparison Table tab under the Product Review's settings.

In the settings page, you can edit the words used in the table and several other options.

Show link in table - This option enables/disables showing the buy button in the Comparison Table

Where can I create these reviews?

You can follow along with this documentation to create reviews using WP Product Review.

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