How to upload SVG files as logo?

The SVG file is a very useful tool for a website's creator, because it storages images through mathematical formulas, which makes them easy to be resized without losing their quality. Such a use case for them is the logo or the site icon of your website.

🧰 Tools Needed

  • Neve theme - here is a doc about how to install a theme.
  • Safe SVG plugin - here is a doc about how to install a plugin.

⚙️ Using the plugin

After installing the plugin, you can start uploading the SVG files directly, wherever you want to add them. It also allows for views directly in the Media Library, so that you will know if you have uploaded the correct file. In this article, we will present to you how to  upload it as a logo for your website, using the Neve theme and its accessibilities.

Navigate to Appearance > Customize.
Click on the Header panel.

Open the Logo & Site Identity component.

Click to upload a  logo.

Upload your SVG file. You will be able to check it in the Media Library.


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