Neve Page Options

Neve offers a set of options for the Page layout, which applies by default on all the existing and newly-created pages. 

📝Note: Some of the options are also integrated into the individual page options and they can overwrite the global ones.

Depending on how you want to start, with the global or individual settings, this article is divided accordingly:

🌐 Global options

In order to access the global options, here is the path to follow:

📍WP Dashboard > Neve > Customize > Layout > Page

The options from the Page panel include only settings for the Header Layout.

The options available for the header layout are:


It's the layout that can be observed from the screenshot above. 

  • Disable Title - this will hide the page title from the front end.

  • Title Alignment (available only if the first option is not enabled) - with three options: left/center/right (Desktop | Tablet | Mobile).


This is the layout that will transform the featured image of the page into a cover photo, as you can see below.

Once you choose this layout, there will be many customizations available:

  • Cover height - adjust the height of the cover photo (PX, VH, EM, REM) - responsive
  • Cover padding - helps the user to align the title and details by selecting the desired dimensions (PX, EM, REM) - responsive

  • Disable Title - this will hide the page title from the front end. If the toggle is off and the title is still not visible, you have to check the page's individual settings, as these have priority over the ones in the Customizer.
  • Title Alignment - will change the alignment of the title, with three options: left/center/right - responsive
  • Title Position - will change the position of the title, with three options: top/center/bottom - responsive

  • Text color - modifies the color of the overlay/title. You can choose one of the global colors (the theme's default colors) by clicking on the 🌐 button.
  • Overlay color - boost the page's appearance using the Gradient option.
  • Overlay opacity - allows the user to set a percentage of the overlay's opacity.
  • Hide featured image - will erase the photo of the article (the cover photo), replacing it with a color.
  • Blend mode - gives the possibility to edit a photo's appearance and has plenty of options: Multiply / Screen / Overlay / Darken / Lighten / Color Dodge / Saturation / Color / Difference / Exclusion / Hue / Luminosity.
  • Cover container - has two options: Contained / Full Width. 
  • Boxed Layout - adds a box under the title and meta. Once you enable this option, there are two more settings that can be done: Section padding and Background color, including gradient options.

Page Settings

Inside the Page Settings accordion, you can control the content vertical spacing, which can be inherited from Layout > Container or even customized (responsive). It allows you to control the content's top and bottom margins.

👤 Individual Page Options

In order to access the individual options, here is the path to follow:

📍 Dashboard > PagesSelect a Page > EditNeve Options

The Neve options include settings regarding three areas:

Page Layout

  • Sidebar - Inherit / None / Left / Right.
  • Container - pick one of the options: Default / Contained / Full Width.
  • Custom Content Width - use the slider to adjust the content width.

Page Title

  • Title alignment - with three options available: left/center/right.


  • Disable Header 
  • Disable Footer
  • Disable Title

📝Note: The changes made here are visible in the Customizer.

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